As it had been a while since we last created a game, we recently decided to venture into game development once more. We decided to join the GoGodotJam 2 game jam in order to put our skills to the test. After 12 days of hard work, we our proud to announce our second studio game, Meltdown!

The Meltdown logo

Meltdown is an isometric puzzle game with the goal of repairing coolant pipes that flow through the nuclear power plant. In this game, there are a variety of mechanics the player will need to familiarize themselves with in order to complete the puzzles. Some of these elements include but are not limited to Switches, Buttons, Doors, Push-Boxes, Bridges, Access Clearance, and more! All these mechanics are driven by a color-coded power system that the player will use to find an effective path of fixing these pesky pipes. With all these concepts in mind, the player will dive deep into the chambers of their local reactor to repair their cooling issues and save the day.

You can find, download, and play Meltdown on right now!

In a few days we will follow up this announcement with a post-mortem article where will discuss our development workflow, the challenges we faced, and what we could improve next time.