About us

We are Starlane Studios.

As a group of passionate developers, artists and gamers, we strive to create high quality games and software for all to enjoy. What started as a collective interest in game modding quickly turned out in a creative quest to build games we enjoy and love to share with others.

Our team consists of members spread across the globe, with everyone taking up their own roles and tasks. The team is lead by lead developer Jøøls, who has spent years developing software solutions and fun games. We have experience in fields ranging from web development and game design all the way to composing music and making art.

A complete overview of all our projects can be found on our projects page. Interested in our future? Feel free to join our community!

Our goals

Here at Starlane Studios we believe delivering high quality games and software should be our top priority. We spend significant time testing, improving, and revising our progress until we receive the results we want. This assures us we are always putting out the best work we can make.

Commissioned work

If you need a website, game, or other piece of software made, feel free to contact us as we are open to taking on commissions! Simply head to the contact page and let us know your request. We will be sure to respond as soon as possible.

Our Team
Founder & Project Manager
I am based in The Netherlands and I enjoy creating games, building useful tools, and designing websites.
Operations Manager
I am based in the United States and my job is to keep everything running.
Product Manager
I am based in the United States.
Art & Music
I am based in Birmingham, Alabama and I have a passion for art, music and development. I seek to positively influence others through artwork.
Game Developer
Game Developer