About us

We are Starlane Studios.

Starlane Studios, formerly known as Exodius Studios, was founded out of the online collaboration between Minecraft server enthusiasts with a common passion for creating high quality experiences. Led by studio founder Julian, Starlane has since expanded to many new horizons.

Throughout the years since, we have strived to create only the best quality projects on many different fronts. These projects include: Asteroids, Comment Anchors, a Minecraft server called Cubecade, The Rubicon Framework, and a Rubicon client called Smash Wizards. Following the closure of Smash Wizards, it was clear that the studio should refocus on the mission at hand, which warranted the rebrand of the studio to Starlane.

With these ideas in mind, we started producing high quality games and software which inhibits our soul and mindset. This has led to the creation of multiple exciting projects, including the fully free and open source task planner Vindigo.

Mission Statement

Our mission as a studio is to create passion driven digital products of the highest quality which create a positive impact in the overall digital technology world.

Our Team
Introducing Team Starlane
Project Manager
Based in The Netherlands, enjoys creating games, designing user experiences, and building creative solutions. Founder of the studio since 2018.
Website Developer
Currently residing in The Netherlands and mainly focuses in website development.
Website Developer
Located in Birmingham, Alabama, has a passion for art, music, and development. Seeks to positively influence others through artwork.
Modeleling & Concepting
Based in the United States, enjoys designing games, making art with blender, and pixel-art on the side.
Game Developer
Based in Egypt, passionate about game development
Music Composer
Located in the United States and is passionate about music composition.
Intern Game Developer
Based in The Netherlands, passionate about game development
Intern Game Developer